At the heart of the Home & School Association of Blessed Sacrament School, our mission is steadfastly focused on supporting the growth and excellence of our beloved school. We engage in this endeavor by rallying the invaluable support of parents and guardians for a myriad of activities, from social events that enliven our community to fundraisers that make a tangible impact.

Our Home & School Board, a cornerstone of stewardship within the Blessed Sacrament community, dedicates itself to fostering effective communication, goodwill, and cooperative efforts. This collaboration unites parents, our dedicated teachers, and the respected administration, creating a dynamic network committed to enriching the educational experience of every child at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School.

The synergy of our joint efforts supports not just the academic and extracurricular pursuits of our students but also nurtures a community spirit that transcends the confines of our school. Recognizing the importance of the connection between home and school, we take immense pride in creating an atmosphere where every member’s voice is heard and contributes significantly to the collective success of our school.

As a parent or guardian at Blessed Sacrament School, you are automatically a valued member of our Home & School Association. We warmly encourage you to become an active participant in our shared mission. Whether through volunteering, contributing ideas, or joining in our engaging events, your involvement is crucial to sustaining the rich traditions and values that define Blessed Sacrament School Savannah.


Please Note: Every volunteer at Blessed Sacrament School is required to complete a background check, undergo VIRTUS training, and adhere to the Diocesan Code of Conduct for Those Working with Minors, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for all our students.