Tuition & Fees

Printable file:2020-2021 Tuition Rates

Registration Fee

$250 per new family (due at registration)
$235 per re-enrolling family (due February 2021)

In Parish/Participating Catholics (Grades K-8)

$6,525 for one child
$12,100 for two children
$14,680 family maximum
(Must have Parish Subsidy Request signed by your Pastor.  See details on Parish Subsidy below.)

Out of Parish/Participating Catholics (Grades K-8) 

All grade levels:  Additional $1,000.00 per child (Only for out of parish churches with schools.  See policy below. 

Non-Participating Catholics and Non-Catholic Rate (Grades K-8)

$8550 per student.

Please note Pre-Kindergarten rate for all families is $6525 per student.

Tuition Payment Options-New this year- All tuition payments processed by FACTS

Option 1: Full Payment
Due July 1, 2020

Option 2: Two Equal Payments
Due July 1, 2020 and December 1, 2020
*Please note: By Permission Only; call Finance Office for details at (912) 356-6987.

Option 3: Monthly Payments through F.A.C.T.S
Ten Monthly Payments August 2020 through May 2021


Book Fees:
K-8th Grade – $165 per child

Activity Fees:
PreK – $305 per child
K-6th Grade – $140 per child
7th Grade – $160 per child
8th Grade – $190 per child

Technology Fees: Chromebooks included for grades 5-8
PreK – 4th – $125 per child

5th Grade – $225 per child
6th & 7th Grade – $245 per child
8th Grade – $300 per child

Home and School Dues:
All Grade Levels – $40 per child

Total Fees by Grade Level:
(Book, Activity, Technology and Home & School Dues total per grade level) 
Due July 1, 2020 for Option 1 and Option 2,  Option 3 paid through F.A.C.T.S. over 10 months, Aug-May)

  • PreK-4th – $470 per child
  • 5th Grade – $570 per child
  • 6th Grade – $590 per child
  • 7th Grade – $610 per child
  • 8th Grade – $695 per child


At the meeting of the Priests of the Savannah Deanery, which took place at the Benedictine Priory on January 6, 2015, the following policy was proposed and accepted unanimously by the Priests:

  1. No parish which has a parish school will pay any subsidy to another Catholic school for a student whose family chooses not to attend their parish school, unless there is no room for that student in the parish school. At the discretion of the Pastor, a subsidy may be paid for a student to attend another Catholic school when there are special circumstances or needs.
  1. Each Catholic school in the Savannah Deanery should have a three-tiered tuition schedule. There should be:
  2. An In-Parish Catholic Tuition
  3. An Out-of-Parish Catholic Tuition
  4. A Non-Catholic Tuition

The difference between the In-Parish Catholic Tuition and the Out-of-Parish Catholic Tuition will be $1000.00. This will also be the amount of subsidy paid on behalf each student by a Parish which has no Catholic School. Students will continue to qualify for parish subsidy based upon the criteria established by each individual parish.

This Policy was proposed and drafted by a Committee of the Priests, in conjunction with the Principals of the Catholic Schools in the Savannah Deanery, which met on December 9, 2014 at Blessed Sacrament Parish. It was voted upon and approved by all the Priests of the Deanery at the January 6th meeting.