Financial Aid Deadline March 1st

Dear Parents,

Financial aid applications are now open for the 2022-2023 school year. If you have children in grades PK – 8 or entering high school, there may be aid available for your student.

For Blessed Sacrament School students, please see the attached aid packet and note the following:

  1. Deadline for submission – MARCH 1, 2022.
  2. Tax Returns – 2020 tax return is required.
  3. W-2’s – 2021 W-2’s are required.
  4. Application – online FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment must be completed for ALL aid applied for, including Church, School, GRACE, and Diocesan.
  5. GRACE Scholars – NEW GRACE Scholars, application, with required items, must be submitted to BSS. CURRENT GRACE Scholars, no GRACE application needed; FACTS Aid application is required. In addition, the FACTS Aid application must be completed online.

Please contact the high school your child will be attending for policies and requirements for high school aid or assistance.

Thank you,

Katie Tambon


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