SAVE THE DATE: Parent Forum: Digitally Distracted-Parenting in the Age of Technology

Blessed Sacrament Parent Forum:

Home and School presents speaker Tom Kersting

Digitally Distracted: Parenting in the Age of Technology

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 12th at 6:30 PM

Where: Blessed Sacrament School Gym

*Childcare available.  Please email Mrs. Hubbard if you are in need of childcare to attend this event.

Kids spend more than eight hours per day, seven days a week on electronic devices.  The results is a malleable brain that is rewired to assimilate to a cyber world – not the real world.  The byproduct is chronic anxiety, attention deficit, depression, poor social skills, academic failure, and family relationship problems.  This lecture is an eye-opener and will include tips to help live in the real world.

Mr. Kersting will provide strategies and education in:

  • Technology use and mental health
  • How much screen time is too much?
  • Strategies to help your child reduce anxiety
  • How much sleep is acceptable for your child?
  • Creating leaders, not followers
  • Your role as a parent

Psychotherapist and school counselor, Tom Kersting, is a nationally renowned authority in mental health, parenting and wellness and author of the book, Disconnected – How to reconnect Our Digitally Distracted Kids. He has 20 years of experience as a private practice therapist and school counselor and 11 years as a parent.  Mr. Kersting has made over 100 television appearances, including regular appearances on popular talk shows.

Tom Kersting is a rare gift.”  Go to to learn more about America’s no-nonsense family therapist.

2 comments on “SAVE THE DATE: Parent Forum: Digitally Distracted-Parenting in the Age of Technology

  1. Carolyn Prusa on

    Hi! I am a member of Blessed Sacrament but my kids go to a different school. I’ve read Mr. Kersting’s book and I’d love to hear him speak. Is it okay for my husband and me to attend? Thanks!


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