Parent Checklist for Raising Independent Children

“Never do for a child what they can do for themselves.”

Raising Independent Children:

PRINTABLE Checklist:  Parent Checklist-Raising Independent Children 10-15-2018

It ends with Self-Efficiency!

Using the checklist below, check the tasks your child was able (allowed) to do at each developmental stage:


Preschool        2-3 years old

_____ help put toys away

_____ dress themselves (with some help)

_____ put clothes in dirty clothes hamper

_____ bring plate to sink

_____ brush teeth/wash face (some assistance)


PreK-K             4-5 years old

_____ know full name, address, phone number

_____ knows how to make an emergency call

_____ simple cleaning chores (wipe the table)

_____  feed pets

_____ choose clothes/dress self


1st/2nd grade   6-7 years old

_____ make simple meal- sandwich, lunch

_____ wash dishes/load dishwasher

_____ make bed

_____ bathe without help

_____ complete homework (limited assistance)


3rd/4th grade    8-9 years old

_____ sweep

_____ complete their planner for school independently

_____ complete their homework independently

_____ prioritize their school work

_____ solicit help from an adult


5th/6th grade 10-11 years old

_____ balance their school, activity, social time independently

_____ use their planners for school, activities and social time

_____ wash clothes

_____ supervise younger children

_____ cook safely using oven/stove


7th/8th grade

_____ self-sufficient!


It’s not too late. Go to where they are currently functioning and help them gain more independence (unless you want to room with them in college ? ).