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Looking for Answers on How to Find Balance for Your Family with Technology?

BSS Home & School Present – Parent Forum:

Digitally Distracted

Parenting in the Age of Technology

Guest Speaker: Tom Kersting

Date/Time: Tuesday, Mar. 12th  6:30 p

Where: BSS / GYM


Looking   for  answers  on how to  create  balance  with  technology for your family?

Parenting in the Digital Age is tough! Everywhere we turn, we see someone on a smart phone or device.  Statistics have proven that children today are spending more hours on “screen-time” than a full-time work week!  If you are looking for tools to combat today’s digitally distracted please JOIN US for this important event with Author, Therapist, and School  Counselor,  Tom Kersting, nationally renowned  authority  in mental health, parenting and wellness, and author of #1 Best Seller   “Disconnected —  How  to   Reconnect Our Digitally Distracted Kids.”

 Mr.  Kersting   will   share  parenting   strategies  and education to  help  us with our children in today’s world of cell phones, social media and internet.   He will help us understand:

  • Technology use and mental health;
  • How much screen time is too much?
  • Strategies to help your child reduce anxiety;
  • How much sleep is acceptable for your child?
  • Creating leaders, no followers!
  • Your role as a parent.

To learn more go www.tomkersting.com

*Childcare is available.   It’s important that we know you’re coming so that we can provide enough staff for the children attending.

RSVP to Margaret Hubbard   email: mhubbard@bss-savanna.org


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