School Board

The Blessed Sacrament School Board is an advisory group recommending changes in policy when needed. The Board consists of 9 elected, voting members (three each year) for a term of three years, as well as others appointed by the Pastor. The Board is an active organization providing direction through the following committees:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. School Programs
  3. Facilities Enhancement
  4. Budget/Finance/Development
  5. Communication and Public Relations

The entire School Board meets every other month during the school year, with the committees meeting on the alternate months. All proposed policies are subject to review by the proper parish, deanery and diocesan boards that are responsible for establishing policies at these levels.

Members of the 2021-2022 Blessed Sacrament School Board are:

Voting Members:

  • Third Year: Lisa Puhala, Cher Norris, Tony Uhrich, Suzanne Ward
  • Second Year:  Jeannine Roach, Chris Sasser, Anita Hagin
  • First Year: Joseph Brown, Elizabeth Bremer, Junior Torres


School Board Members:


  • Lisa Puhala:  Communications/Marketing – Chair
  • Cher Norris: Facilities
  • Tony Uhrich: Finance
  • Suzanne Ward: Communications/Marketing


  • Jeannine Roach: Finance – Chair
  • Chris Sasser: Facilities
  • Anita Hagin: Communications/Marketing


  • Joseph Brown:  Facilities
  • Elizabeth Bremer: Finance
  • Junior Torres: Facilities

Non-Voting Members/At-Large:

  • Pastor: Father David Koetter
  • Principal:  Lynn C. Brown
  • Assistant Principals:  Carole Foran; Caroline Phillips
  • School Finance:  Kathy Fialkowski, Finance
  • Home and School: Erika Simpson, Communications/Marketing
  • Brooke Clarke, Communications/Marketing
  • Maureen Cole, Communications/Marketing
  • Stephanie Beal, Facilities – Chair