Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of six elected members and three appointed members of the parish who serve three year terms. Each year, the terms of three members expire and new elections are held. All members of the parish 18 and older are encouraged to vote. New members are installed in June.

The group brings ideas of fellow parishioners to the pastor during regular meetings, discusses issues the pastor brings to them and coordinates initiatives as requested by the pastor. A summary of major topics is published regularly in the Sunday bulletin. Volunteers are called on to assist with the core committees.

2018/2019 Members of Parish Council are:

  • Rev. Brett A. Brannen, Pastor
  • Rev. John Tran, Parochial Vicar
  • Rev. Mr. Jerry Clark, Deacon
  • Lynn Brown, Principal
  • Jennifer Grayson (School Board Representative)
  • Molly Adams
  • Mike Bolton
  • Dave Capallo
  • Robyn Iannone
  • Bob Fritts
  • Maggie Lilly
  • Bobby Kelly
  • Jennifer Melroy, Secretary
  • Johnny Moran
  • Barbara Peterson
  • Richard Rochefort
  • Kris Tindol
  • Margaret Kincaid/Jeanette Schwartzburt, (Respect Life Rep)
  • Cynthia Heil, (CCW Rep)