BSS Safe Start Blueprint

Greetings BSS Family!

Your BSS Safe Start Blueprint has been sent! Check your email to review the entire back-to-school plan.

Please remember that this is a “living” document. We will continue to edit this plan according to current recommendations and circumstances. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our plan, please let us know.

Connect with the right person for help!  We are here for you ?

Spiritual/PastoralFr. David
Policy DecisionsLynn C.
General Parent ConcernsClassroom Teachers 
Curriculum Questions          PreK – 5
Helen Willoughby
Caroline Phillips
General Issues
Equipment Issues
Google Classroom (3-8)
SeeSaw (PreK-2)
Anna Kaluzne
Ronald King
Caroline Phillips
Anna Kaluzne
Tutorial Opportunities
PreK – 2
Kelly Calimlim
Katie Gray
Sarah Gobrogge
Financial QuestionsKathy

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