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Providing Community, Education and Support

At the end of last school year, our educational structure took on a whole new look! But in typical BSS style…we saw a problem, we tackled it, and we conquered! Distance Learning was born and have embraced a new way to teach our children. The staff, administration and teachers continue to work hard every day to ensure your children get the education they deserve. We thank you for your flexibility, your encouragement, and your continued patience as we troubleshoot any remaining issues.

OUR PLAN: BLESSED SACRAMENT CONNECTS: Providing Community, Education and Support.

BSS CONNECT:  Distance Learning:   To ensure a seamless education experience while away from the school building, we will implement the following steps:

  • Technology

Pre-K – 5 will utilize RenWeb to communicate, send lessons, post homework, transmit attachments & resources.  To allow for 2-way conferencing and tutorials, the lower grades will use Zoom.

Grades 6-8 will utilize RenWeb to communicate and post homework. Attachments, resources, Middle School Week-at-a-Glance and other forms of communication will all be sent through Google using the students’ Chromebooks. Zoom will also be used for student conferencing and large group tutorial.

  • Daily Routine

Students will check in each day through RenWeb. Each morning we will begin the school day by streaming morning announcements at 9:00 AM.  On Sunday nights, parents receive the lesson plan overview. Monday mornings, right after announcements, students receive a link to view an individual teacher video outlining classwork for the week. Class/Homework time is developmentally allocated between 1.5 to 5 hours of instruction each day.

  • Lesson Plans and Scheduling

The schedule will allow for flexibility, but we encourage families to establish a routine from the beginning to maintain a flow in the learning process.  The schedule will evolve and will be slightly different for each classroom. Teachers will continue to send more details home during implementation. Families can expect all major subject areas covered over the course of a week. In addition, the specialists will have weekly lessons strictly for enrichment.

  • Additional Components to the Instructional Process (not all teachers will use all components)
  • Videotaped overview of lessons weekly
  • Videotaped lectures (teachers, Pastors, Administration, etc.)
  • Conference/student check: Teachers will check in with all homeroom students at least once a week (2-way conferencing/tutorials/phone calls)
  • Video Tutorials: 2 way group tutorials in key content areas
  • Assistance for Interrelated Students: These teachers will offer weekly  individual tutorials for their identified students

If you have any questions about your student’s Distance Learning schedule please email their teacher directly.

Need Help? 
TechnologyRonald King rking@bss-savannah.org
Anna Kaluzne akaluzne@bss-savannah.org
Specific Lesson Plan QuestionsIndividual Classroom Teachers
MediaMargie Pinckney mpinckney@bss-savannah.org
PreK-2nd & SpecialistsLynn Brown lcbrown@bss-savannah.org
3rd-5thHelen Willoughby hwilloughby@bss-savannah.org
6th-8thCaroline Phillips cphillips@bss-savannah.org
General ConcernsLynn Brown lcbrown@bss-savannah.org
EnrollmentAlex Swanger aswanger@bss-savannah.org
AttendanceTara Persse tpersse@bss-savannah.org
FacilitiesCheryl Toma ctoma@bss-savannah.org
FinancialKathy Fialkowski kfialkowski@bss-savannah.org

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