Alumni Spotlight

Johnathan DeCubellis (BSS c/o 2016)

Johnathan is currently a senior at BC and he has taken his leadership roles seriously over the past four years.   Johnathan serves in  the  JROTC and is commissioned to Lieutenant Colonel S-5.   He has served as a member  of  the  Ronald  McDonald  Teen Service Board, and as well as Student  Body Director of Public Relations, and he is responsible for  contributions  to BC’s  social media.  Johnathan is the recipient of the National Honor Society Georgia Merit Award, and last year  he won  2nd  place  at  the  State  Raider  Competition, finishing 7th at Nationals.  Earlier  this    year  he  received  the  Knights  of Columbus “God and Country” Medal, and won a Schular Award   for   his   solo “It Only  Takes a Moment.” Johnathan’s star is shining brightly!   Way to go Johnathan, we are proud of YOU! 


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