3-14-2022 (Pi Day)

Always a favorite day! Pi Day at BSS: Students calculated the volume of a basketball but knew only the circumference of the ball! They worked with the diameter of the rim and net in honor of March Madness. They played Pi twister, made Pi Day bracelets, and did all kinds of competitions. They had a Pi Day feast, all things round, doughnuts, cakes, cookies, and of course, Pies! They culminated with a competition to see who knew the most digits in Pi. 7th grade competition, Dawson Cox (26), Haley Ellis (33), Sophia Maggioni (35) and the winner, Anna Clair Lossing (72)!You could have heard a pin drop when the 8th grade competition started. Ayden McKenzie (155) and Charlie Pope knew (210) digits of Pi in order! #believeinit☘️

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